Semalt: 4 Data Scraping Tools That Will Save Your Time

Programming is a must part of data science. One has to develop excellent programming skills to scrape data manually. However, some people cannot learn different coding languages and look for suitable alternatives. The following data scraping tools are great for non-programmers.

1. Kimono Labs

Kimono Labs has been around for quite some time. It is one of the best and most amazing data scraping applications. This open-source program comes with a 15-day trial version, but its free version is also available. Kimono Labs scrapes the entire website, starting from data collection to its scraping and validation and deployment. Kimono Labs also works as a powerful web crawler and can be used without any code. On top of that, it allows you to scrape a huge number of sites at the same time and doesn't compromise on quality at all. Kimono Labs is always the first choice of enterprises, used for data collection, visualization, and organization. It also implements big-data analytics for its users, making their work easier.


Data scraping for non-programmers was never so easy before. It is an automated web extraction platform built by experts and claims to have scraped a large number of web pages so far. is great not only for non-programmers but also for data scientists. This tool automatically detects the best information for you before starting processing it and is employed by text mining experts too. Its hyper-parameters make it easy for you to choose the error-free data and get it scraped in the desired format.

3. Facebook and Twitter APIs

For social media experts, startups and non-programmers, Facebook and Twitter APIs are quite effective. They provide data scraping services through specific APIs and take only a few minutes to get your data scraped in the desired format. It uses defined sources to create datasets and crawls your web pages in no time, without any programming skills and technical knowledge. APIs help solve different data-related problems, detect and edit errors in your text, and obtain high-quality information from both images and videos for the users.

4. Scraper (a Chrome Extension)

If you are regularly using Google Chrome and it is your primary web browser, you just try Scraper. It is one of the best and most effective data scraping programs. It is built with machine learning technology and is specifically designed for non-programmers. The scraper can extract useful information for you and has plenty of outstanding features. Its spam detection option lets you get rid of spam data and organizes information based on your requirements, without any spelling or grammatical errors. Scraper also helps analyze the post comments and emails, getting you well-extract data, and determines whether it is useful for your business or not.

Unlike other ordinary data scraping tools, the above 4 services don't require you to be technical-minded. Also, you don't need to learn the programming languages to get benefited from these data scrapers. You just have to install and activate them to get benefited from their options and data scraping features.

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