David Emig’s 2006 Subaru WRX STi

What drives people to spending thousands of dollars and many hours of their free time to make a good car great.


However, the truth is that most people who end up with a car as beautiful as this never start off thinking that they are going to build the best car in the country; it normally starts off with something small and in many cases trivial.


Or alternatively, it could be that the car, in this case the Subaru WRX STi was not to David’s liking so therefore from the minute that the car entered the garage the work began on transforming it into something completely different and you have to say that the job has been done.


Under the hood the main visible change has to be the Zero Sports A/R20 high performance turbo, this is vast improvement on the factory version as it delivers four hundred HP at twenty five pounds of boost.


It has to be said that there is little of the original car left, especially as he decided on the Voltex body kit, these don’t look too great but when it comes to aerodynamics it is the business.


The question that hits all tuners and builders is when do you draw the line in the sand, when is it all over? For some builders it is never over while for others they create their masterpiece and leave it at that, which is exactly what David has said.  






Name. David Emig

Age. 26

Hometown. Islip Terrace, NY

Occupation. Insurance Agent

Hobbies. Movies And Work

Build Time. 2 Years

Feedback. jdmdave@optionline.net

Quote. “A big headache that was totally worth it!”

2006 Subaru WRX STI

Output 315 whp @ 6,800 rpm

Engine Port and polished and Jet Hot-coated intake manifold; Concept G Blue turbo-back exhaust; Tomei Extreme manifold; Zero Sports A/R20 turbocharger; APS DR 525 intercooler and pipes; GReddy ProFec B boost controller; Samco turbo inlet, radiator hoses; ARC Prestige radiator, pulley cover, oil cap; radiator cap; Trust oil cooler; Cobb AccesPORT ECU; Power Enterprise 850cc side-feed injectors; Walbro 255lph fuel pump; Perrin Version 1 fuel rail with stainless lines; Prova clutch and brake caps; Aqua pitch stop; Braille CF battery; Carbing catch can

Drivetrain Cusco twin-plate clutch

Suspension Cusco Zero 2R coilovers with 12kg springs, rear strut brace, front under brace; Zerosports 22mm rear sway bar; Ganador Titan titanium strut bar; J Speed roll bar; Perrin front and rear endlinks

Wheels/Tires 18×9 Advan RG2 bright chrome wheels; BFGoodrich KDW 245/35-18 tires

Brakes Endless 345mm front brake rotors with six-piston calipers, 332mm rear brake rotors with four-piston calipers, brake lines; Project Kics Neo Chrome lug nuts

Exterior Voltex front bumper, side skirts, canards, Type 2 V-mount rear wing; Monster Sport hood; Graph Tech imaging graphics

Interior Bride Vorga front seats, hyper red upholstery; Team Orange quick release steering wheel; ARC shift knob; Zero Sports leather shift boot

Electronics Pioneer D1 head unit

Source [Import Tuner]






18″ Team Dynamics Savage Alloy Wheels

Technical Details

18″ Team Dynamics Savage Alloy Wheels

Fitments available 4×98 et30, 5×100 et35, 5×100 et45, 5×108 et45, 5×110 et45, 5×112 et45, 5×114 et35, 5×114 et40, 5×114 et45, 5×98 et35.

Price includes nuts or bolts

Product Description

4 * Brand New 8×18″ Team Dynamics Savage Hyper Silver Alloy Wheels Price includes nuts or bolts. Fitments available 4×98 et30, 5×100 et35, 5×100 et45, 5×108 et45, 5×110 et45, 5×112 et45, 5×114 et35, 5×114 et40, 5×114 et45, 5×98 et35.

Priced at around $650

Source [Amazon]






Subaru Impreza WRX 01 Lexus Lights

Product Description

Pair of Stylish LED Lexus style rear lamps that fit a Subaru Impreza WRX 01. These lexus lights come complete with new wiring harness for ease of fittment; simply plug in and go. These tail lights are fully EU approved and E-Marked; therefore fully road legal in the UK. Upgrade your factory tail lights to a newer Lexus design set. This set will fully replace your factory tail lamps. These tail lights give a refreshing upgrade from your factory set and also updates the exterior look of your vehicle. These lamps are a simple “plug and play” replacement; remove the old ones, install these new ones with no additional work. These replacement lights are also E-Marked, ensuring that they meet strict quality standards. These lights come complete with all tail light bulbs included where required. Some replacement tail lamps use the original bulb/bulb holders. Direct replacement of original light units Stunning looks Quick and easy to fit These lamps are E-Marked

Priced at around $180

Source [Amazon]




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