Super modified 1991 Honda CRX

The Honda Civic originally started off as a small car suitable for getting around town and being able to fit into even the smallest of parking spaces. However, as the car evolved it has taken on a sportier persona and the CRX pushed the Civic further into this market with its smooth styling and flat back.

Suddenly it became clear that the Civic was good for modifying and for the import builder looking around for a good car to work had plenty to choose from with the Civic CRX, it is a versatile machine with a lot going for it, even today almost twenty years after the last models rolled off the production lines.

Surprisingly the cars wide choice of engine start with a 62 HP 1.5 litre power plant. However, at the other end of the scale there is the 1.6 litre VTEC engine that offers the driver access to around 150 HP, quite a contrast and this is what makes the car so interesting to modifiers, it is the complete range of choices available.

A lot of work has been done on this Civic, both inside and out, it is one of those cars that is the complete package, normally the work would concentrate on performance or looks, this project has done both and in style the body blends in nicely with the original lines, while the engine has been tweaked in all the right places, it is classic example of dedication to a project.

These are the features and specs of this modified Honda CRX:


Modified Honda CRX 1991 Pictures




*amber corner lights *spyder clear bumper lens *projector headlights with xeon light bulbs *nightshade on taillights *matching r64 paint on wipers/mirrors/wing/trim strips *sarona high wing (some of my buddies call it the whale spoiler haha) *16×7.5 konig bright lights wrapped in toyo proxy 4`s


*alfa otto type 2 gauge faces *tenzo r racing seats *complete alpine sound system *1992 integra gsr steering wheel *1992 integra gsr shift kob *dc sports short throw shifter *i re-carpeted the back of the car with new black carpet


*Bar Ingalls Camber Kit (rear)

*Skunk2 Camber KIt (front)

*Megans Racing Coilovers

*Tanabe Strut Tower Bar

*Red Calliper Paint

*1991 CRX Si Rear Disc Conversion

*1991 CRX Si Lower Rear Sway

Last but DEFINITELY not least!

Under the Hood!

*B16A1 Complete Engine swap (there used to be a B20 Block with a B16 head when i bought the car, that wasn`t working the best and leaked SO much oil and was giving me alot of problems so i got rid of that whole system and put a fresh B16 engine in and i personally think it’s just as quick yet WAY less problems!)

*ITR Timing Belt

*AEM Fuel pressure Regulator

*DSM HP Racing Header

*1992 Integra DSR Distributor

*Walboro 255 LPH Fuel Pump

*HASport mounts and shift linkage

*Spectre Intake (works better then my k&n intake i used to have) -don’t have pics yet of new intake-

*Tenabe Racing Exhaust System (this exhaust system has a nice low rumble and does not sound like all the other Honda’s that sound like lawn mowers!)

Source [Modified Cars]

Polished Short Ram Intake System

Product Description of the AEM DRYFLOW Synthetic air filter:

AEM Short Ram intake systems are an economical alternative to our Cold Air systems and deliver performance, value and ease of installation over any other short inlet intake. Our Short Ram intakes install easily under the hood and cost less because we use less material to manufacture them. During the development process, we found certain applications respond favourably to shorter inlet lengths over our longer Cold Air designs. For these applications (denoted in the search results page), we offer a Short Ram system only. We perform extensive temperature testing to locate the filter in the coolest area of the engine compartment, which allows our Short Ram systems to achieve the lowest inlet temperatures possible. Please refer to our temperature testing procedures for more information.

Priced at $209.98

Source [Amazon]

Skunk2 Racing Sport Shocks

Product Description for the Skunk2 Sport Shocks 1988-91 Honda Civic/ CRX:

Skunk2 Sport Shocks is a new line of high performance factory replacement shocks that use many of the same technologies and manufacturing processes as some of our more advanced damper systems. The dual-tube design features a hardened, chrome-plated and super finished ground shaft, and precision valving resulting in added durability, reliability, long seal life, and smooth operation. By offering the Sport Shock, Skunk2 is taking an integrated approach to suspension tuning even at the most basic level. Sport Shocks are specially designed to work in conjunction with Skunk2 Lowering Springs and coilovers. Sport Shocks are designed with shorter shock bodies and short strokes so they will perform better and have more travel and be more durable at lowered ride heights. When used with Skunk2 Lowering Springs or Coilovers, Sport Shocks offer exceptional control, handling performance, balance, and comfort at a price that cannot be beat.

Priced at $294.99

Source [Amazon]

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