Modified RWD Toyota Corolla SR5

There are certain cars that you would associate with being modified in any way; these are usually cars that our parents and grandparents drove, cars like the Toyota Corolla SR5. This is five door car with rear wheel drive and everything that you would think of as being in a car of the 80’s.

Yet if car could do with being modified, these are the cars! They have a little of design style, but more than that it is the classic features of a boxy type body with square angles and strange looking slots and bulges, these were the days when aero dynamics were for planes and not cars.

This car has been modified gently, it still has the same style and design as did when it was on the drawing board, but this is different car altogether, with many modern features added being added under the hood and inside. So from the outside it may be 1980’s, but there is plenty of modern technology in there too.

This particular model is the fourth generation of the car, the buyer would have been offered a choice of a 1.3 litre, 1.5 litre, 1.6 litre and a 1.8 litre engine offering 74 HP to 115 HP. There were more choices to come as it came in a 2 door, 3 door, 4 door, 5 door and even a van version, with some many options it’s no wonder these cars are classics.

These are the specs and features of the Toyota Corolla SR5 hatchback:

Tuning menu 1982 Toyota Corolla SR5 Lift back

Owner Mon Rivera – Hometown Northridge, CA – Occupation Los Angeles County Worker

Engine – 2T-GEU Yamaha ported head, 2000cc 3T-C block, HKS metal head gasket, Wiesco 89mm pistons, Eagle rods, Weber 45mm carbs, custom headers, TRD spark plug wires and oil cap, MSD ignition, relocated battery, wrinkle finish valve cover and wire tuck

Drivetrain – AE86 GT-S rear end and LSD, shorten shifter

Suspension & Chassis – Ground Control front coilovers, KYB AGX struts, Eibach front springs, TRD rear springs, adjustable lateral rod, manual steering rack conversion

Brakes – PBR brake booster mounted under dash

Wheels & Tires – Southern Ways 13×8.5” -13et (front), 13×9” -13et (rear); Sumitomo HTR200 215/50R13

Exterior – JDM TE71 front and rear metal bumpers, Foha front lip and rear spoiler, Formuling fender wind splitters, OEM Toyota red paint, custom pulled fenders by PJ Bonifacio Motorcars, brand-new Levin TE71 headlights and front end, JDM taillights, all brand-new weather stripping

Interior – Recaro N-Joy seats, custom rails, reupholstered stock rear seats, Nardi Classic Deep Cone steering wheel, brand-new dash, VDO gauges, TRD shift knob

Audio – Alpine 3339 11-band equalizer with gooseneck and iPod, Alpine front speakers and amplifier, JBL rear speakers

Source [Super Street Online]

Short Ram Air Induction Intake System with Air Filter – Toyota Corolla 1998-2000

Product Description of the Induction Intake System with Air Filter:

Short ram air induction intake system is engineered to reduce intake restriction by smoothing out and straightening airflow. This design allows the engine to inhale a larger volume of air than the OEM air filter assembly. The greater volume of air translates into a more powerful combustion to yield more horse power. Short ram air intake system takes it to the next level by making installation a breeze. The short distance of the pipe allows air filter to be easily attached. The intake system comes complete with quality aluminium pipes, filters, hoses, stainless steel clamps, and brackets. Give your Honda Accord the ultra high performance look, aggressive tune and incredible horsepower gain it needs. * Does not come with CARB sticker please check with your State’s Motor Vehicle Department for regulation. Coupling and hose maybe in the colour of red/blue/black.

Priced at $45

Source [Amazon]

AUS Injection MP10392 Remanufactured Fuel Injector – 1989 Toyota Corolla With 1.6L Engine

Product Description

Quality remanufactured fuel injectors that are electronically tested for correct electrical resistance and for coil weakness. Good units are then disassembled (micro filter, seals, pintle caps and plastic spacer are removed.) Injectors are simultaneously cleaned in ultrasonic tanks specially designed to clean fuel injectors. All units are individually back flushed to remove the broken dirt particles, these particles cannot be removed thru the injection orifices therefore are driven out thru the inlet of the injector. All injectors are then mounted on the flow bench in an inverted position to allow them to reverse flow at a considerable pressure. We run a high performance injector cleaning solvent thru the injectors for 30 minutes, completing the cleaning process. This process assures all dirt particles are completely removed from the injector. Injectors are now mounted on the flow bench in the correct position to begin the testing procedures. We apply 60 PIS of pressure (more than a regular multi-port fuel injection system) and maintain the injectors with no signal to them for 30 seconds to make sure there are no leaks. Depending on the original manufacturer presentation, the injectors are either painted or polished to give the best cosmetic appearance possible. Injectors are then assembled with new replaceable components (filter baskets, pintle caps, O-rings and seals) and a final test is performed with all new components on injectors. The purpose of this test is to make sure the filter basket; o-rings, seals and pintle caps are positioned correctly and are not disturbing the flow or the spray pattern of the injector. Injectors are lubricated with special oil and protective caps are placed on both ends to extend the shelf life and assure that when they are installed in the vehicle they will be in optimum operating condition. Each injector is individually bagged.

Priced at $30.44

Source [Amazon]

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